Product 1 year ago 6 min read

Axual Release Update 2020.1

Here it is, the latest version of Axual, the 2020.1 release. The new version introduces new features that allow you to speed up development, do testing and incident resolution with “Stream Browse & Search”, hook up external systems to Axual REST proxy and maintain schemas for your streams using Schema Upload.

Joris Meijer
Technology 1 year ago 3 min read

Top Things to Know About Real-Time Data Processing

Today, the most important asset of a business is data. To keep pace with modern technology, a business needs to keep up to date with data in real-time. Any business can use the updated data to collect information and sell their products if and only if, their data is recorded in real-time.

Joris Meijer
Technology 1 year ago min read

Why Should You Deploy Kafka Clusters on Kubernetes

Apache Kafka is a popular open-source tool for message streaming. It can be used to store and process huge amounts of data and can allow applications to utilise streams of data in real-time. Kafka is typically used together with Apache Zookeeper to create scalable and fault-tolerant clusters to make application messaging seamless. Meanwhile, Kubernetes is […]

Elise van Es
Product 1 year ago 3 min read

What is Data Governance and Why Does it Matter

If there’s something in business that you really want to do is being fast at processing data/orders. But sometimes this should not be the priority, because being fast is not necessarily a synonym of efficiency.” Or something different but still more specific. In terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), the target keywords should appear in […]

Jeroen van Disseldorp
Technology 1 year ago min read

What is Apache Kafka?

Thousands of businesses are built on Kafka, and for good reasons. Kafka is a scalable, community distributed event streaming platform and publish-subscribe messaging system. Kafka is used to develop distributed applications and facilitate web-scale internet businesses like Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Elise van Es
2 years ago 10 min read

Real-Time Financial Alerts at Rabobank With Apache Kafka’s Streams API

Rabobank used Kafka Streams APIs to do real-time alerting on financial events for their customers. Learn more about the use case in this blog.

Jeroen van Disseldorp
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