02 Apr 2024

Axual achieves Red Hat OpenShift certification: empowering enterprises with certified event streaming

Axual announces certification for its event streaming solution on Red Hat OpenShift, the industry’s leading enterprise Kubernetes platform. 

UTRECHT, THE NETHERLANDS, 2 April – Axual, a leading provider of an enterprise event streaming platform, today announced certification for its event streaming solution on Red Hat OpenShift, the industry’s leading enterprise Kubernetes platform. 

Axual’s platform, built on Apache Kafka, empowers organizations to harness the full potential of event-driven architectures. With a focus on governance, security, and self-service, Axual provides a comprehensive solution for enterprises navigating the complexities of managing real-time data streams. By achieving certification for Red Hat OpenShift, Axual ensures seamless compatibility with Red Hat’s leading Kubernetes-based container platform, offering enhanced deployment flexibility and scalability for its users. 

Red Hat Openshift customers can now benefit from:

“Celebrating our Red Hat Openshift certification is a significant milestone for Axual,” said Jeroen van Disseldorp, CEO and Founder of Axual. “Integrating our event streaming platform with Red Hat OpenShift shows our commitment to empowering organizations with a robust solution for event-driven architectures at enterprise-scale.”

Learn more about Axual here or go directly to the Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog where you can find the container images and helm charts needed for deployment.

About Red Hat

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About Axual

Axual is founded in 2015 by Jeroen van Disseldorp and is headquartered in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Axual enables organizations to turn their Kafka into a competitive advantage and comes with unique self-service, data governance and security capabilities. Customers include Rabobank, de Volksbank, Logius, TenneT, Stedin, Enexis and more. Read more about Axual on our website.

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