We’ve entered the third quarter of the year and we are excited to announce Axual third update of the year, Release 2020.3. And in the following video Joris Meijer will explain all the details:


What does it include?

Deploying Axual on kubernetes

As of 2020.3, we support the package manager named helm, which helps you to manage Kubernetes applications and which helps with the deployment of the platform. Axual Operator plays a crucial part in setting up and delivering a fully functional platform.

HTTP sink Connector

From release 2020.2 we introduced the new feature Connect. For this release we’ve worked on its stability and also we are proud to announce the release of a brand new connector: http sink connector. This can be used to push new messages on a Kafka topic to any http endpoint that is able to handle the payload

Axual Python Client

Considering the wide popularity of Python, we are proud to announce the alpha release of Axual Python client which will allow you to set up a connection to Axual platform to leverage the advantages of Python for streams of events.


Now, you’ve seen how you can use helm to manage Kubernetes and the new connector added to our Connect feature. In the video demo we introduced the main points but everything is available in our online documentation

Other updates

Of course, the latest release contains much more updates to improve the usability, security and stability of the product. You can read more about this in our online documentation.


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