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Real-time data to better balance energy demand and supply

  • How can the supply and generation of energy be better tuned to the demand on a per second, minute or hourly basis?
  • Can we reduce emissions and costs by using real-time external data?


Immediate access to real-time data, both internal and external, provides the essential ingredient to better balance energy demand and supply

Real-time IoT and grid data

  • Data is vital to effective decision making. Energy players use data to forecast production and demand, trade efficiently on the energy markets, and to predict and get insights into energy usage.
  • Unanticipated outages, interventions and shutdowns disrupt service and cause loss of millions of dollars.


Power your data analytics with real-time IoT data

Discover the challenge for the energy industry

Share real-time data across the supply chain

  • Data from you business partners, down- or upstream, can be essential for effective optimization of your energy supply or demand
  • Easily manage what you share with whom.


Data streaming helps energy companies to effectively manage data sharing with business partners.

Case study
Case study

Event streaming at Eneco

Want to know what introduction of an Event Streaning Platform meant to Eneco? And how it allowed Eneco to realize energy savings by almost 30%? Then download the whitepaper!


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