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Self-Service for Apache Kafka

Manage your topics, schemas, connectors and more on the world’s most popular streaming platform.


Monitoring & Alerting

Stay informed 24/7, in real-time about important platform health events.


Kubernetes & Helm support

Get up and running in no-time in your own (private) k8s environment


Axual Kafka Operator

No more off-peak upgrades. Minimize the impact of platform upgrades using the Axual Kafka Operator.


Streaming Platform Infra as Code

Get up and running in days due to a standardized infrastructure, maintained as code. Deployment through Axual CLI or Helm charts.


CI/CD support

Save time by automating your Kafka operations from your existing development pipelines.

Topic Browse & Search

Browse and search topic data in any environment.


Connector Management

Define and control connectors and their tasks easily to integrate Kafka with existing (legacy) systems.


Get yourself going with our
developer and operator


Different needs come together in one platform

When it comes to a streaming platform, different roles in the company have different needs and requirements, Axual has combined the essential needs into one powerful Kafka platform.

Chief Technical Officer

It is your responsibility to make sure that your company is not lagging behind in the technology world. You are looking for an effective streaming platform that meets the short and long term needs.

Data Owner

You need to be in control of your streaming data, ensure that the confidentiality of the data is maintained, and be accountable for how and where the data is stored.

IT Architect

The planning, design, implementation, and maintenance of all enterprise IT solutions lie in your hands.


Today, as a developer, you want to build robust streaming applications quickly and independently. You really want to live up to the status of a solution-provider that developers are known to be.


Every day, ingenious solutions are being built including options that will allow you to predict any potential failure.

Apache Kafka is great, but what do you do
when great is not good enough?
See what Axual offers on top of Kafka.

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