Axual has continuously provided cutting-edge data streaming solutions on our Axual Platform. Built on the Apache Kafka streaming architecture, our platform has proven to be a reliable solution for customers with data-driven business needs.

As Axual continues to expand across boundaries, we welcome system integrators to embark on a selective partnership with our company. We are seeking system integrators that are typically working on projects locally or internationally for a rewarding partnership. 

Partners can expect to second two FTE at least a year per customer. Our partners will be deriving revenues primarily from installation, maintenance, and application integration.


Tapping Into Growing Global Opportunities

Global organizations are facing an influx of information that they need to collect, process, and leverage for decision making. 

Here are some real-life examples:

  • E-commerce platforms with an online customer base interacting from various channels.
  • Businesses relying on digital communications with suppliers and partners for regular updates of information like inventory and geographic data. 
  • Factories dealing with internal data flow ranging from industrial equipment, processes, and smart meters. 
  • Content-driven companies depending on timely-updates from social media, market brokers, or governments. 


As organizations are more dependent on a data-driven model, we anticipate a growing need for data streaming solutions.

One-Stop Data streaming solution

Axual Platform uses Apache Kafka as its engine, which runs containerized on Docker, managed by Kubernetes.

In short, customers can expect a hands-off installation as we supply all deployment tools to our partners. Our data streaming platform is designed on a proven architecture. Thus, partners will be delivering reliable and functional data streaming solutions to customers.

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