Topic Browse & Search

Browse and search topic data in any environment.

Environment support

Limit your search using keyword, environment and timeframe

Axual offers support to define custom environments to test-drive applications and promote them from development to production.
Topic Browse & Search is aligned with this feature , which means that you can search for a topic’s messages in any environment, providing you are authorized to do so.

Just limit your search by entering a term which can be found in either the key or value of the message, and choose an appropriate timeframe before you start the search.

Detailed message insights

Debug problems and validate streaming apps with detailed insights

Topic Browse & Search provides valuable message metadata, which helps to debug problems: “What is the payload of the message that caused a hiccup in my consumer?” Secondly, it allows to easily validate whether a producer application is working as it should: “Did my message arrive on the Kafka topic successfully? If you have defined an Avro schema for your topic, this will be used to show the topic messages in a human readable way.

Per message, the following insights are offered

  • Technical message details: Partition, Offset and Timestamp
  • Header details: any elements put into the Kafka headers by the producer will be shown here
  • Key payload: the payload of the message Key
  • Value payload: the payload of the message Value

Other Features