Self-Service for Apache Kafka

Manage your topics, schemas, connectors and more on the world’s most popular streaming platform.

Self-Service Topic Management

Create and configure your topics in any environment

As a developer or data engineer you want to get streaming as soon as possible, without worrying too much about the complexity of Kafka. Using Self-Service for Apache Kafka you can create and configure your topics using an intuitive interface.

Topic metadata

Add valuable metadata to your topics to help your colleagues to easily find that topic they need to build their streaming data solution. Next to a description you can select the message format used for the Key and Value of the messages produced to the topic. Avro, JSON, XML, String and Binary are currently supported message formats.

Topic ownership

As you create topics, you and your team become the owner. This allows you to do fine grained topic configuration, such as “Retention time” and Key/Value “Schema version”. Secondly, you are in charge to allow produce/consume requests from any application to/from your topic.

Multi environment support

Test-drive your streaming applications in isolation

Test-drive your streaming applications in isolation by defining environments. Self-Service for Kafka supports defining your own public environments, such as Development, Acceptance and Production and private environments which are just used by your team. This allows you to test different topic configurations or schema versions in a non-production environment, before moving them to production.

Topic and Application Overview

Easily find the topic you need

Check the topic graph to see the landscape of topics and applications in any environment. Search and browse through the entire topic and application catalog to find the information you need.

Topic Authorization Approval Workflows

Guarantee authorized access to selected applications

Topic ownership comes with a great responsibility. You don’t want just any application to tap in to your topic. Topic authorization approval workflows make sure produce / consume access to the topic is requested before the application is even capable of producing or consuming the data.

Schema management

Upload, validate and download schemas

Avro is not just used as a message format. To define a schema for a topic is to define a contract between producers and consumers. Self-Service supports the upload, view and download of schemas, to facilitate easy onboarding of producer and consumer applications. Secondly it supports using different Avro schema versions in different environments, for guided Avro schema evolution.

Some features offered in Self-Service are covered in “Other Features”. Please check below.

Other Features