Connector Management

Define and control connectors and their tasks easily to integrate Kafka with existing (legacy) systems.

Connector application management

Create your connector applications just like any other

Whether you are creating and defining a custom built application or a connector application, the user experience is largely the same. Depending on your use case you just select a connector plugin from the dropdown, after which you can configure it depending on your environment.

Configuration defaults

Prevent copying connector configurations everywhere

Self-service allows you to define connector configurations which serve as defaults for environments in which you start your connector. This saves time in setting up your connector, especially if the settings you provide are not environment specific.

Connector task controls & status

Check connector and connector task health and control them in every environment

Did you know that a connector can be in a running state even though the tasks are failing? Although this makes perfect sense in the Kafka Connect world, you just want your app to be online 24/7.

The connector status you see in the Self-Service interface doesn’t hide the task status for you, so you can take action when it is required. Detailed task status is visible and in case something went wrong, a stack trace is shown as well.

Still in the testing phase? Does 1 task seem to be stuck? You can stop and start your Kafka connector during development and restart individual tasks whenever you want.

Connector compatibility

Compatible with any Kafka Connect compatible connector

As long as the connector you are using is Kafka Connect compatible, you are able to manage it through our Self-Service interface. For a list of verified connectors, check our online documentation.

Other Features