We are Axual

Streaming made simple, that is our goal.
Every day, we work to make this a reality.
Axual provides mission-critical data infrastructure,
enabling billions of events per day for our customers.


How did it all start?

Axual is the collaborative spark between Jeroen van Disseldorp and Joris Meijer. In 2015 they looked at the way companies were handling large quantities of sensitive data and raised a profound question:

How could any organization leverage streaming data more easily, without posing unnecessary risks to the business? And, how do you keep the architecture as a whole manageable? A platform suitable for any business size that is equally secure, processes data in real-time and is completely self-serviceable?

Working at Axual

Join Axual and start a career where your drive, curiosity, and ownership are the motors of progress. Here, freedom isn’t just a word—it’s your reality to influence our strategy, carve out your unique trajectory, and make a tangible impact. We prioritize innovation and personal growth, offering you the space to expand your skills and advance within your role. If you’re ready to contribute to something meaningful and accelerate your professional development, Axual is your platform.

Making impact

Being a smaller company means every role is pivotal, every contribution significant. Here, you’re not just a part of the process; you’re a key player in driving change and pushing boundaries. Your work directly shapes our products, our culture, and our success. If you’re looking to leave a mark, to see your ideas come to life and influence the course of our journey, Axual is where your impact will not just be felt—it will be seen and celebrated.

Flat hierarchies

In the world of Axual, flat hierarchies mean open doors and open minds. It’s about working in an environment where your voice is heard, regardless of your title. Here, collaboration trumps hierarchy, enabling swift decision-making and fostering a culture of mutual respect and direct communication. This approach not only accelerates innovation but also empowers everyone to contribute their best.

Working on mission-critical systems

At Axual, you’re not just working on any projects; you’re at the heart of mission-critical systems that large-scale organizations rely on. Our work is essential, ensuring that banks, and grid operators operate smoothly, efficiently, and without fail. Here, the stakes are high, but so is the satisfaction of maintaining and enhancing systems that are crucial to our clients’ success. 

Personal development

We don’t just invest in technology; we invest in you. Personal development is at the core of our ethos, backed by a generous learning and development budget dedicated to your growth. Whether you’re looking to master new skills, explore emerging technologies, or attend leading industry conferences, we provide the resources and support to fuel your journey. This commitment to your advancement means your potential is not just recognized—it’s actively nurtured.


Meet the team

Jeroen van Disseldorp


Joris Meijer

Security Officer, Customer Success

Jelle Wilders


Frenk Ochse


Tessa Looijenga

Head of People

Daniël Mulder

Software Engineer

Abhinav Sonkar

Cloud DevOps Engineer

John Aivalis

Software Engineer

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