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Streaming Made Simple, easier said than done.
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How did it all start?

Axual is the collaborative spark between Jeroen van Disseldorp and Joris Meijer. In 2015 they looked at the way companies were handling large quantities of sensitive data and raised a profound question:

How could any organization leverage streaming data more easily, without posing unnecessary risks to the business? And, how do you keep the architecture as a whole manageable? A platform suitable for any business size that is equally secure, processes data in real-time and is completely self-serviceable?

Metaphorically speaking they took the engine of Kafka and build a supercar around it. A car where any producer or consumer could take the wheel and easily maneuver incoming and outgoing data streams.

A platform where DevOps teams can use existing and define their own environments, where multiple clusters ensure data availability. In short: a platform with which businesses can keep doing what they do best: providing their customers with data driven solutions.

Mission statement

Streaming Made Simple

Vision statement

What is our mission?

We strive to do so by putting every enterprise in the data driver seat. Our software enables situational awareness throughout the organization. By being better informed and in control, our customers will interact in the best possible way and in real-time with their customers, business partners and markets.

With our customers in charge, we want to make a better world: because exchanging real-time data can reduce the use of fuels (think logistics sector & retail), it reduces the risk of fraud, it leads to better customer service, it can increase safety (think real-time sensor data from e.g. water levels or real-time sharing of data at airports), it provides more sustainable energy like solar and wind (a real-time response to weather changes).


Meet the team

Jeroen van Disseldorp


Joris Meijer


Staffan Meij


Daniël Mulder

Software Engineer

Abhinav Sonkar

Cloud DevOps Engineer

John Aivalis

Software Engineer

Kees van Boekel

Business Development

Dario Benvenuti

Software Engineer

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