Seamless bank payments

Financial systems are intricate networks with a continuously evolving landscape. Having a platform that can handle trillions of sensitive data events which can also adapt to the demands of the market, is essential. Axual has a broad experience with streaming solutions for top tier banks, serving thousands of customers simultaneously with real-time business events.

Real-time Customer Interaction

Reach your customers faster, at the right moment, in a relevant manner by applying the latest customer data to the ongoing interaction you have with them.

Fraud Detection

When fighting fraud, it is important to have the most actual data available at all times. Also, combining multiple sources of data helps to reduce false positives. Leveraging streaming data using Axual Platform, makes fraud detection a whole lot easier.

Real-time Data Analytics

Forget about batches. No more waiting to process data when it’s right there to be used: real-time data processing.

Ecosystem Integration

Seamlessly exchange data streams with partners. The built-in security mechanism allows you to define fine grained access control over your data.

Sensor Data Processing

Receive and process raw sensor data, responding to important events as soon as they occur.