• Self-Service Data Governance for Streams: streams (topics), applications and their owners are registered centrally, governed decentrally by your DevOps teams
  • Data synchronization: scale your streaming platform securely across multiple clusters, in on-prem or cloud clusters, or in a hybrid setup. Seamless to your connecting apps.
  • Stream namespacing: organize your streams based on tenant or environment, supporting the lifecycle of connecting applications
  • Schema Governance: assign schemas to be used by your data streams
  • 100% compatible with Apache Kafka™️

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One easy platform to become a data-driven business

Self-Service Data Governance for Streams

Using, configuring and securing a streaming platform quickly becomes a time consuming job. Also, it’s not the most fun job. Axual Platform has a unique Self-Service interface where streams (topics), applications and their owners are registered centrally. Access to streams is governed decentrally by data owners in your organization.

Spending a lot of time finding and understanding the data for your use cases is no longer an issue. Self-Service offers all the insights you need to build your data driven use case.

High Data availability

You are not interested to know on what cluster your data streams are available or when the streaming platform engineers are working on a cluster upgrade.

We want you to assume that your client just has access to the data on your streams wherever, whenever. We take care of synchronizing data between your clusters, whether they are running on-premise or in the cloud.

When there is maintenance on a given cluster, your app will be automatically routed to an active cluster, without reconfiguring or restarting.

Application lifecycle & testing support

You are building and testing your app: it has a lifecycle in different environments. You want the data streams to be available in those environments as well.

Moreover, you would also want to control the data on those environments. Axual Platform offers you the possiblity to organize your streams based on tenant or environment. You can also define a private environment for your DevOps team, to enable testing your app in an isolated and secured environment.

Schema governance

Streams of Data are like APIs. Without some form of contract you will not be able to efficiently make use of the data on your stream. This is where schemas come into play.

Using Axual Platform, you can define meta data of your streams, such as the data format. When using Apache Avro, schemas for your stream will be registered automatically in the correct environment and different versions of your schemas are supported.