Predict any potential failure with Axual

As a system operator in a business enterprise or organisation, you should know something about everything. Why should the system fail? It’s your role to give an explanation. Indeed, we are on the edge of entering the world’s fourth industrial revolution – a system failure should not happen. So, every day, ingenious solutions are being built including options that will allow you to predict any potential failure.

As an operator, you want to have a predictable and maintainable system on a streaming platform that is working for everybody else. In precise terms, you want:

  • Namespacing, to organize objects of various kinds so they are referred to by name
  • Clear monitoring, so performances are able to be analyzed quickly within a good interface.
  • To be ahead of the pack and notified when something is wrong. Alerting is key.
  • To be flexible when alerting takes place, so pe-defined alert rules are a plus
  • Fool-proof operation that is clear and workable for a variety of people.

Axual allows you to:

  • Create logical instances to separate geographical regions or production from non-production
  • Bind applications to an environment, allowing e.g. “test” and “acceptance” streams on shared infrastructure
  • Visualize everything that goes on during operations
  • Allow operators to be notified when pre-defined thresholds are exceeded
  • Common catch-all rules for typical situations
  • Simple and concise operator instructions that reduce the risk of manual error
  • Operate in cloud & on-premise

Seamless system maintenance is now in your hands and failures can now be easily predicted. Want to learn more? Download our Whitepaper.