IT Architect

As an IT architect, you must be ready to challenge the status quo. The planning, design, implementation, and maintenance of all enterprise IT solutions lie in your hands. This includes real-time data streaming solutions.

To put your role in perspective, below are some of the things you will want to guarantee when deploying real-time data streaming solutions in your organization

  • A sound streaming technology that delivers on the needs of all the stakeholders
  • A uniform architecture and a software defined infrastructure
  • You want the option to support hybrid cloud strategy
  • You want data replication in place, transparent to the end-users
  • Secure data handling

Is that too much? No, it’s not: we have made the task less tedious with Axual. We bring:

  • A proven reference architecture, not just building blocks
  • Reference architectures available for your sector
  • Deployable in own data centers and in multiple different clouds
  • Synchronize messages and offsets between any number of Kafka clusters
  • Infrastructure deployed by configuration
  • The same security rules to multiple clusters
  • Asymmetric encryption that protects sensitive data when flowing through Kafka (and clouds)
  • A technology that supports multi-vendor setups, e.g. Axual, Confluent, Aiven, CloudKarafa, Amazon, Azure

What else are you waiting for? Get more information about Axualand let’s move on the path of prosperity in data streaming.