The hidden costs & Riks of implementing Apache Kafka

Apache Kafka has witnessed a tremendous rate of adoption in enterprises due to its incredible streaming capabilities. In fact, it can be called the Ultimate Enterprise Streaming Platform. However, just like every technology, Apache Kafka also has its own complexities. Therefore, as you implement Apache Kafka for your business, you need to  understand the associated hidden costs and risks. No worries; we get you covered on this. We have created a Whitepaper to furnish you with all the hidden costs and risks either as it relates to end-to-end security measures or maintenance or determining non-ephemeral storage.

To make this as simple as possible, we have highlighted four crucial factors you need to consider as you adopt Apache Kafka for your enterprise. They are categorized under the following captions:

  • The Knowledge Gap
  • A ‘mistake’ is easily made
  • You can only move as fast as your platform team
  • Unclear Ownership

Ready to get acquainted with the details of the factors listed above? Get the Whitepaper Now!

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