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Impressed by Apache Kafka but frustrated with how it lacks top-level functionalities and the complexity involved to maintain it? We got you covered.

We took an amazing streaming platform and added functionalities like data-governance, cluster-cloud synchronization, stream management, stream data browsing, connector management and other handy tools.

You can now spend less time configuring and managing the stream clusters and more time on high-level developments.

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Stop fretting on data availability

Your days of anticipating cluster breakdowns are over. Our technologies actively synchronize the data stream to ensure that data availability is never an issue.

Easy data stream management

No more tedious command lines. Leverage our Self-Service interface to configure and manage data streams easily.

One stream, many environments

Minimize skew in testing by using the same data stream for every stage of development.

Schema governance made easy

Need to define metadata for the various data streams? Get it done swiftly with the Axual platform’s schema management tool.

Be a part of our success story

Join clients like Rabobank in leveraging the Axual platform for data availability and security. Fuel your development with a solution trusted by renowned organizations.