Kubernetes & Helm support

Get up and running in no-time in your own (private) k8s environment

Cloud native deployment

Deploy your enterprise streaming platform on Kubernetes

Kubernetes is the de facto standard when it comes to running containerized applications. There are many benefits that kubernetes (k8s) brings, such as scalability, security and observability. Axual Platform comes with Axual Operator, which takes care of deploying your Kafka cluster and keeping it in perfect shape. Of course, you still have plenty of other things to look at as an operator, but the most tedious bits you can leave to your digital twin.

Axual Operator

Upgrade seamlessly without downtime

Streaming applications deal with realtime data. Those applications power business use cases 24/7. But, maintenance on your streaming platform still needs to happen. Every once in a while a new release of Apache Kafka comes out, and you also want your developers and data engineers to benefit from the new features and security updates it brings.

Axual Platform is bundled with Axual Operator for kubernetes deployments. Among other operational features, it offers an intelligent rolling restart of the brokers, keeping your Kafka Cluster always on.

Other Features