Event Streaming for the Energy Industry

A sustainable world should have the ability to respond to issues across all sectors in real-time. For the energy sector, this is even more important. Therefore, Axual, in partnership with Conclusion Mission Critical, is taking the lead in delivering best-in-class data solutions to players in the energy industry.

A case-in-point is the setting up of an Event Streaming Platform for Eneco, a top player in the energy world. This platform enables Eneco to process its data in real-time, twice as fast as before, with millions of messages elaborated within 60 seconds. By leveraging this capability with IoT, Analytics and Control, Eneco now responds to demand and supply of energy better and faster. Ultimately, this leads to 20 – 30% in energy savings thereby making the planet safer and promoting the sustainability of the world.

We have written a Whitepaper to give you an holistic view of how Axual and Conclusion Mission Critical helped Eneco towards achieving its mission of a sustainable energy for all. Get the Whitepaper for FREE now!

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