Build robust streaming applications quickly and independently with Axual

“First, solve the problem. Then, write the code.” – John Johnson

The world as it stands today cannot do without developers. They are problem-solvers and have helped our society to grow at a faster rate. Developers are the backbone of most businesses today. Of course, this is different from what was obtainable a few decades ago. Times have changed. Today, as a developer, you want to build robust streaming applications quickly and independently. You really want to live up to the status of a solution-provider that developers are known to be; you are in the right place by reading this.

What you want as a developer

  • A streaming platform to be able to support highly available applications
  • You want to collaborate effectively with other DevOps teams in your organization, as independent as possible
  • You don’t want to spend too much time reinventing the wheel
  • You want test frameworks and CI/CD frameworks

Axual gives you the following capabilities:

  • Applications to stream data 24/7, even during outages or planned maintenance windows
  • Support autonomous teams in streaming with self-service.
  • Help write applications in hours instead of days, without a thorough understanding of Kafka
  • Allow applications to run their own unit tests and integration tests
  • Control the platform through APIs that can be run from any CI/CD pipeline

There is one key takeaway here; with Axual, the task of problem-solving as a developer has become more fun and qualitative. Want to know more? Download our Whitepaper.