3 hours ago 3 min read

Axual named a representative vendor in the 2022 Gartner market guide for event stream processing

We’re excited to announce that Axual, provider of an all-in-one Kafka platform for enterprises, is listed as a representative vendor in Gartner’s latest market guide for event stream processing. Jeroen van Disseldorp, CEO & Founder of Axual, says, “We are proud to be mentioned three times in Gartner’s latest market guide. Since our inception in […]

Joey Compeer
Product 1 month ago 6 min read

Axual Release Update 2021.3

2021 is almost a wrap, but not until we have announced our last major release of this year: Axual Platform 2021.3. Read all about it in this blog.

Joris Meijer
Technology 2 months ago 3 min read

Governing Your Data: The Kafka Compliance Checklist

So you’ve architected a new streaming platform. It has quickly become the ‘central nervous system’ of your company. A couple of teams have already started working with Kafka and they’re continuously adding new real-time streaming use cases. 

Joris Meijer
Business 2 months ago 4 min read

Is it time to decentralize your data organization?

Centralized data administration can be great for smaller organizations. A single team of admins acts as gatekeeper on an event streaming platform, like Apache Kafka. It means data governance can be enforced from the top down to ensure full data compliance.  But as your business grows, you find more and more developers need you to […]

Joris Meijer
Use case 5 months ago 10 min read

Apache Kafka drives Rabobank Real-Time Financial Alerts

Rabobank used Kafka Streams APIs to do real-time alerting on financial events for their customers. Learn more about the use case in this blog.

Jeroen van Disseldorp
Technology 5 months ago min read

Why and How You Should Deploy Kafka Clusters on Kubernetes

Apache Kafka is a popular open-source tool for message streaming. You can use it to store and process vast amounts of data and allow applications to utilise data streams in real-time. Kafka is typically used with Apache Zookeeper to create scalable and fault-tolerant clusters to make application messaging seamless. Meanwhile, Kubernetes is a platform that allows a team to […]

Elise van Es
Product 6 months ago 8 min read

Axual Release Update 2021.2

The summer release 2021.2 is here, it contains many quality and stability improvements and some interesting new features. Read the release blog to find out more.

Joris Meijer
Technology 8 months ago min read

How to overcome the steep learning curve of Apache Kafka

If you’re in the IT industry, you can’t help but catch the term ‘Apache Kafka’ uttered here and there. It’s an unmistakable sign that Apache Kafka is being adopted as the preferred data streaming platform by many organizations. The rising popularity of Kafka also creates a demand for developers proficient in the technology. It’s only […]

Jeroen van Disseldorp
Technology 9 months ago 8 min read

Introducing KSML: Kafka Streams for Low Code Environments

Kafka Streams has captured the hearts and minds of many developers that want to develop streaming applications on top of Kafka. But as powerful as the framework is, Kafka Streams has had a hard time getting around the requirement of writing Java code and setting up build pipelines.

Jeroen van Disseldorp
Product 9 months ago 3 min read

How Does The Hybrid Cloud Architecture Work?

The emergence of hybrid cloud is touted as the solution where companies can enjoy the benefits of both private and public cloud architecture.

Jeroen van Disseldorp
Product 9 months ago 2 min read

Why Axual Uses Strimzi Operator?

However, running Kafka on Kubernetes isn’t without its problem. One of the problems is configuring and managing Kafka components on Kubernetes. For Axual, the solution comes in the form of Strimzi Operators.

Abhinav Sonkar
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